Serving Templeton and the Adelaida and El Pomar Estrella Planning Sub Areas of Unincorporated North San Luis Obispo County 

Templeton Area Advisory Group

Press Releases Archive

June 14, 2017
Press Release-June 15 Meeting Cancellation

The regular TAAG meeting of  June 15 was cancelled by the Chair and Co-Chair as no advisory applications were presented for the agenda. The approval of April and May minutes, as well as approval of the June Treasurer's report,  are pending. Citizens who were preparing to present concerns at this meeting have agreed to reschedule. The presentation of proposed by-law changes has been tabled to a future date. Contact the Chairperson  or Vice-Chair for additional information.

April 20, 2017
Press Release-Kim Miramon Selected as Second Alternate on TAAG Board

At a regular meeting of TAAG, Kim Miramon was voted in as the second alternate on the TAAG Board.

March 13, 2017
Public Meeting for the Main Street Interchange Project
Templeton Community Center, 6 PM

March 2, 2017
Press Release-2017 Election of Delegates

The election of delegates and one alternate to the Templeton Area Advisory Group was held on March 2, 2017. The official vote count was as follows:
Chris Cobey, 34; Bob Bejarano, 28; Matt Parker, 27; Joel Woodruff, 15. A total of 49 votes were cast.
Cobey, Bejarano, and Parker are seated as delegates for two-year terms; Woodruff is seated as the first alternate for a one-year term. The position of second alternate  is vacant  as of now. The new board will convene at the next regular meeting of TAAG scheduled for March 16, 2017.

September 9, 2016
Press Release-Appointment of Replacement Delegates to TAAG

At a special meeting held on September 8, 2016, the Templeton Area Advisory Group selected Tom Burgett and Frank Scotti to serve as replacement delegates on the TAAG Board of Directors. Also, current board member Alice Griselle was selected as interim Chair and current board member Bobby Bejarano was selected as interim Secretary. Former 2nd alternate Murray Powell moves into a delegate position and the two alternate positions remain unfilled for the time being.

The new appointees are replacing former delegates Bill Pelfrey, Chris Davis, Wayne Gretter, and Jeff Debrish. New elections for delegates will be held in March of 2017.
TAAG welcomes the new delegates to the Board.

September 7, 2016
Press Release-Resignation of Chris Davis

TAAG received a letter of resignation from TAAG Secretary Davis dated September 6, 2016. The Board thanks Chris for his service to the community during his time on the Board of TAAG. 
Mr. Davis' resignation follows the resignations of Chairman Bill Pelfrey and Delegates Wayne Gretter and Jeff Debrish at the August 18 Board meeting. The remaining delegates will hold a special meeting on September 8  to discuss appointments to those vacated board positions.