Templeton Area Advisory Group

Press Releases

October 19, 2018

Press Release-Special Action by TAAG Regarding SLO County Cannabis Ordinance

On October 18, at the regular meeting of the Templeton Area Advisory Group, The TAAG board considered several aspects of the current provisions of the County Code relating to cannabis cultivation, and heard comments from 12 citizens.  After further board discussion, the TAAG board considered and approved the following motion unanimously (7-0): That a letter be drafted to the County Planning Commission for its consideration at the November 8 hearing scheduled on this subject  indicating TAAG’s discomfort with existing buffer distances between residences and cannabis operations (and associated structures).

October 12, 2018

Press Release-Special Meeting of TAAG , October 4, 2018

By a vote of 7-0, the Board passed a motion approving the Ricigliano/McCallister/Gardner MUP (DRC2018-00053) with the following recommendations:

1. Applicant should conduct a hydrogeological study to determine impact on watershed groundwater .

2. Applicant should re-examine farmed area setback from riparian vegetation and flood zone.

3. Applicant should move greenhouses to a more central location on property and screen from public view.

4. Applicant should seek discourse with community group in an attempt to scale down size of project.

5. Applicant should attempt to make security features of the project (signage, fencing, lighting, etc.) more attractive.

March 15, 2018

Press Release-Seating of New Board, Election of Officers, and Appointment of First Alternate

Larry Fluer, Joel Woodruff, Kim Miramon and Murray Powell were seated as elected delegates at the regularly scheduled March meeting of the Templeton Area Advisory Group based on the March 1 election results.  Bob Bejarano, Chris Cobey, and Matt Parker commenced the second year of their two-year terms as delegates. The newly constituted board elected Bob Bejarano as Chair, Chris Cobey as Vice Chair, Murray Powell as Treasurer, and Larry Fluer as Secretary/Historian.   In accordance with the by-laws, Larry Stone was appointed First Alternate. The Second Alternate position remains vacant at this time.

March 2, 2018
Press Release-2018 Election of Delegates
The election of delegates and alternates to the Templeton Area Advisory Group was held on March 1, 2018. The official vote count was as follows:
Larry Fluer, 33; Joel Woodruff, 20; Kim Miramon, 18; Murray Powell, 13.  
A total of 33 votes were cast.  The two alternate positions are vacant. The new board will convene at the next regular meeting of TAAG scheduled for March 15, 2018.

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