Project Applications

Templeton Area Advisory Group

April 4 2019 PRC meeting list.pdfThe current listing of non-cannabis-related applications referred to TAAG by the County Planning Department, and the status of each application,  can be accessed through the following link:  

10/3/2019 2019 PRC meeting list.pdf - Link​

Cannabis applications can be accessed through the following link:

CPRC pending cannabis applications 190327.pdf 

Projects that have been reviewed by TAAG are located in the Project Applications Archive. Referrals older than July 26, 2017 may be accessed in the SLO County Archive

Reminder: the project applications reviewed by TAAG may be incomplete or have missing pages.  TAAG's review and subsequent recommendations, therefore, should be seen as a general overview of the project in question, and not a detailed analysis of a project's merits or deficiencies.

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