Templeton Area Advisory Group

Volunteers Needed For Alternate Positions On the TAAG Board.   Contact Chris Cobey for additional information.

Serving Templeton and the Adelaida and El Pomar-Estrella Planning Sub Areas of Unincorporated North San Luis Obispo County 

Welcome to the website for information on all things related to the Templeton Area Advisory Group (TAAG).

TAAG represents the residents of Templeton (an unincorporated community located in northern San Luis Obispo County), and residents of the Adelaida and El Pomar-Estrella Planning Sub Areas, who are residents living within the boundaries of the Templeton Unified School District. As a Community Advisory Council recognized by the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, TAAG was created to represent community views, and provide community input, on current and future planning matters in our area.

The purpose of TAAG is to solicit community input and review proposed development in the Templeton/Adelaida/El Pomar-Estrella area, as well as to provide input on County land use plans and ordinances. When reviewing proposed development, TAAG uses established County standards, the Templeton Community Plan, and the Templeton Community Design Plan, as guidelines for its recommendations. After public review, TAAG reports its recommendations to County officials.

We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about TAAG, including information on meetings. You will find updates on actions taken by TAAG, and on land use and development topics that are of interest to the TAAG community. We also provide a list of some of the resources available for those interested in land use matters.